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GASGAS may be the new kids on the MX scene, but super focused on building bikes that stand out from the crowd due to their performance and bold, vibrant styling. Above all else that allow riders to have a blast! Prioritizing ease of use, value and reliability, all our MX bikes allow riders to push their limits and have serious fun! 


There’s nothing better than hitting the trails and heading for the mountains with friends! Pretty much, as long as GASGAS has been building bikes, we’ve been into enduro in a big way. Today our enduro line-up allows riders of all ages and abilities to explore and enjoy their local trails. With 2-stroke and 4-stroke bikes that all feature the latest technologies, distinctive styling and celebrate our unique Spanish heritage, all models deliver well-proven performance for no-nonsense riding enjoyment.


A playful single-cylinder, dual-sport performer, the ES 700 is a big-bore bike that’s perfect for mixed surface riding. Branching out into the street bike sector and creating the ES 700 GASGAS, we utilized in-house expertise, fresh thinking, and cutting-edge technology to produce a bike that delivers a distinct and playful riding experience.


There’s so much to love about the simplicity of cross country racing! From the first turn bar banging to gnarly trails and wide-open thrills, it’s about beating your buddies and pushing the limits. That’s why our cross country bikes offer playful, energetic performance. Designed to be distinctive and meet the needs of all woods racers, they offer proven performance for a whole lot of fun!


A big-bore, single-cylinder Supermoto bike with true GET ON THE GAS spirit. We couldn’t think of a better bike to add to our GASGAS range! all the fun and excitement of Supermoto riding to the open road, or the racetrack, for those a little more serious about things.


We’re all about trial! And always will be, even if things are a little different now. Trusted and loved by riders all across the world, the GASGAS TXT RACING and GP line-ups remain fun, exciting and easy-to-use. 

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