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GasGas EC 250F

GASGAS EC 250F 2021

Proof that some of the best things in life truly do come in the smallest packages! The electric start EC 250F delivers performance and enjoyment far beyond what many would expect from a compact 250cc engine. Welcoming to riders of all ages and abilities, its low weight and WP rear shock and linkage contribute to the amazing handling characteristics and easy manoeuvrability. The potent quarter-litre motor ensures serious offroad fun.

GASGAS MC 450F 2021

GASGAS MC 450F 2021

Get ready for awesome! Packed with innovative technology and pumping out seriously impressive performance, the MC 450F sure knows the meaning of fast. But with its precise and easy handling, super-compact engine and class-leading electronic wizardry it’s a big bike that’s easy to ride and great for banging bars.


GASGAS EX 300 2021

Playful. Energetic. Lightweight. Agile. The EX 300 is our do-it-all 2-stroke cross-country bike that delivers enjoyment and reliability while keeping maintenance costs low. A super-easy bike to use, and start, with no need for premixing fuel or tedious jetting changes, the innovative electronic fuel injection system allows for true ‘gas-and-go’ riding simplicity. With significantly reduced emissions and extended fuel range, there’s so much to like about the EX 300.



Sitting perfectly between our much-loved 250cc and awesome 300cc trial bikes, the TXT RACING 280 offers the perfect blend of 2-stroke power, weight and manoeuvrability – the ideal steppingstone for improving riders looking for increased power and super-agile handling. Like all our trial bikes it’s fitted with high-quality parts, Braktec hydraulic clutch and brakes, as well as leading suspension to ensure reliability and a whole lot of riding fun.

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